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Wealth Management

A family office service model that covers the spectrum of planning solutions.

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Evidence-Based Investing

EBI seeks to filter through noise, hype and emotion in order to make investment decisions grounded in facts, logic and reason.

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A Clear Process

A truly dynamic planning process that adapts to changes in life circumstances.

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Are TIPS Cheap?

I’ve been getting lots of questions about whether Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) are a good investment, with the yield at just 0.32% on the five-year. To answer the question of whether TIPS are cheap or expensive relative to Treasuries, I’ll discuss how to make the determination of whether to purchase TIPS or nominal fixed-income securities. To begin, we need to recognize there are two ways one can hold TIPS and nominal bonds: purchase the bonds individually or invest in mutual funds/exchange traded funds (ETFs). When investing through taxable accounts and IRAs, one can do either. However, in corporate > SEE MORE

Financial Perspectives from a High School Senior

In an educational system that teaches students a seemingly endless amount of knowledge in their mathematics or history courses, they often leave out the pivotal financial realities their students will encounter in the coming years. High school and college students can acknowledge their own lack of experience with financial affairs but must be well-versed and educated in these areas during their youth in order to fill this void.

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Home Country Bias Ubiquitous

In their February 2019 paper “Global Equity Investing: The Benefits of Diversification and Sizing Your Allocation,” Brian Scott, Kimberly Stockton and Scott Donaldson of Vanguard’s research team noted that as of September 2018, U.S. stocks accounted for 55.1% of the global equity markets. Thus, regardless of residence, investors who focus solely—or > SEE MORE